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Bike, Scooter and Skateboard Policy

The East Madison Little League would like to remind all patrons of our facility that the league has a policy regarding bicycle, scooter and skateboard use within the confines of the park.  For the safety and enjoyment of everyone who visits the EMLL fields, bike riding is prohibited in the park.  We regularly have a lot of toddlers and small children in the park, and bike, scooter and skateboard riding in pedestrian areas poses too great of a risk of injury to all of our patrons.  

This policy is not just for the areas immediately around the concession stand, but includes any areas between the arched wooden entryway by the main parking lot through to the parking lot by the batting cages and/or the gate near the Senior field.  Bike racks are provided to park your bikes (by center field of the Majors field, and by the batting cages), but please be aware that EMLL is not responsible for bikes left unattended.

If you have visitors to the park, please be sure to make them aware of this policy.  

Thank you for complying with this policy to help us ensure that our pedestrian areas remain safe.


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